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About Us

For more than years, Spartan IT Solutions have helped many of the corporate houses in India and abroad to re-build their empire in the digital economy. Our stronghold in IT and enabled services ensure us in delivering secure and unlimited deployment of SMS delivery through carrier grade mobile messaging solutions. We offer wide range of text messaging solutions through our SMS Gateways, whether it’s on your customized Desktop applications, or online services as transactional SMS Service or for sending alert and informational text messages to your clients, we have got it all covered. We offer end to end solutions for all your Bulk SMS needs.

Bulk sms

Bulk SMS are the cheapest marketing solution to reach nationwide prospective customers, where you can send lakhs of smswith just a single click. Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses for various alert sms messages like transaction alert sms from bank, train and bus reservation, and order confirmation from website.

Transactional sms

Transactional SMS are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.Through this method you could send sms to DND mobile numbers with preapproved unicode six characters sender ID. We also offer tailor-made solutions as per the client’s requirement.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS are sent as marketing and advertising toolfor promoting your product, brand or service. These messages can be send to any numbers that are not registered on the NDNC registry (National Do Not Disturb numbers) from 9AM to 9PM.

Use our Simple and easy to use BULK SMS services

Boost up your business in a successful way

Bulk SMS

  • Single click SMS delivery
  • Multi Language Message Supports

SMS Excel Plugin

  • Different SMS to different mobile number at once
  • Get delivery reports, sent reports by date

SMS Gateway API

  • Schedule SMS in Advance
  • Send high speed secured 2-Way SMS from your applications or website

SMS Polling & Voting

  • Interact with the audience, participants of contests
  • Get your product feedbacks and suggestions all in real-time
  • Gold
  • With awesome features
  • 5,00,000 sms
    • Web API, application and excel plugins
    • Multiple address groups
    • Transaction history
    • 24/7 online support
    • And a lot more
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Why use SMS and not free mobile communication apps?

While SMS may not be able to compete with the low cost of applications like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Snapchat, SMS still has the upper hand on many fronts. Where IM’s offer low cost communication, the higher cost of SMS communication reduces spam as the sender actually has to pay to send a message. Where IM’s promise personal communication, SMS promises to remain versatile for both personal and business communications. Even though IM’s promise instant response, they come coupled with limitations that SMS evades. For example, in order to communicate effectively via an Instant Messaging app, the people you wish to communicate with also need to have the app downloaded onto their device which excludes basic feature phone users. Where SMS platforms offer managing and sending to large global databases, IM’s require that the necessary contacts be saved to your personal device. Where IM’s promise social networking opportunities, SMS promises to remain a trusted communication tool for both person to person and application to person messaging. With the myriad of applications available across various smartphone devices, SMS still remains integral to communication in the twenty-first century and can be used for versatile and creative communications.

Here are some examples of when SMS messaging is the better choice for electronic business communications:

  • SMS is a universal communication tool and can be delivered to any mobile phone.
  • SMS communications can be sent to rural areas or areas with poor internet connection.
  • SMS offers reliable and targeted communications
  • SMS offers reliable and targeted communications
  • SMS is short and sweet and offers concise and clear communications with consumers and colleagues. By using responsive bulk SMS messaging platforms you can steer clear of the inundation of replies and messages that are synonymous with IM group chats and save the recipients from receiving replies and responses from all other group members.
  • SMS allows for consumer communication and interaction via SMS Shortcodes or Incoming Long Numbers.
  • SMS API’s can be incorporated into system processes to offer automated application to person communication.

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